Citizens Advice Mental Health Project

1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem. A colleague, a friend, a family member, we can all experience stress, anxiety and depression. As charities who rely on funding your vote will help us to provide dedicated access to specialists delivering debt, benefit and housing advice and support.

Our project will address the need of people with mental ill health for specialist welfare benefit, debt and housing advice in West Cumbria. For those accessing our services, poor mental health is not a stand alone problem. For example; people with debt problems are twice as likely to develop major depression, and people with existing mental ill health are nearly three times more likely to be in debt. Funding received will provide dedicated workers to champion the cause of people with mental ill health problems within Copeland and Allerdale. We will ensure that income is maximised, any debts are adressed and action is taken to secure accommodation. With these fundamental things in place they can then engage fully with therapies and support that will deal with the clinical side of their illness.
Citizens Advice Copeland and Citizens Advice Allerdale are two independent charities each delivering free and independent advice services to people living in West Cumbria. The Citizens Advice service provides impartial and confidential advice to everyone on any topic. We understand the complexity of issues that affect people’s lives and provide the right level of support and advice to resolve problems. In 2015/16 Citizens Advice Copeland and Citizens Advice Allerdale saw over 7,400 people, assisting them with over 25,000 problems. Debt totalling £1.3 million was rescheduled and £2.5 million was written off. In addition, the income gained for clients using our service totalled over £4.6 million.

Voting is now closed:

Voting is now closed!