fit for Life

We will improve the health outcomes , with Healthy Eating & exercise classes, and help our residents to understand that healthy eating & exercise can be fun and not as expensive as they seem to think. We want to do this in a way with tuition that will relate to resdents. We also want to introduce a food co-op and utilise our community garden produce so that the project continues.

Within our neighbourhood of some 4500 residents we have cooks, gardeners, and young people who are proud to live on Mirehouse. We want to give them the opportunity to come together in our local community centre, and have sessions incorporating health, exercise, cookery and other skills without the necessity of catching one or sometimes two buses. We want to bring the tutors in to our centre, while we assist the learning experience of our volunteers. 80% of residents want to stay in our community; we want to foster the excellent community spirit that is growing, by providing the experiences that the community members have asked for in our sessions. copeland is classed as an area of obesity and low life expectancy , we want to have aerobic sessions , healthy walks, book clubs and interactive sessions to stimulate our community using local professionals and young people developing their skills in cookery and growing their own
The aims of the Resident group are to improve the quality of life for residents of all generations in our community, raise aspirations and improve life chances. We work with residents and agencies to implement projects and events that will get generations working together to improve the quality of life and the local environment . We have hosted mindfulness sessions, and social sessions (bingo, trips etc), developed a community garden and attract funding to improve the local area, and consult residents to have a say in changes that affect them.A registered charity formed in March 2008 we try to encourage and inspire the residents of Mirehouse to make a positive difference in the lives of their neighbours, themselves and their community, and to encourage pride in Mirehouse,

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