Fostering Good Relations within Junior Citizens

Young people in West Cumbria need awareness and citizenship skills to live in a multi-cultural society. Vote for us to help over 250 young people to learn how to stay safe and deal with anti-social behaviour, hostility, prejudice and hate crime.

This funding will mean that we can help over 250 key stage 2 students from Copeland and Allerdale to learn how to stay safe and deal with anti-social behaviour, hostility, prejudice and hate crime.

We will deliver creative equality and diversity learning activity through the Junior Citizens Programme, being run for the first time in West Cumbria from 6th -8th June and 13th -16th June 2017.

They will use their new knowledge to keep them safe and to tackle prejudice and foster good community relations between diverse people and communities in Cumbria. They will also enter into a competition to create a poster, write a poem or short story focusing on the topic "Connecting Communities - Challenging Prejudice".

The winning entries from the students will receive prizes and all the entries will be exhibited at the Beacon Museum, Whitehaven during Black History Month in October 2017.

The grant will cover revenue cost for the delivery of bespoke equality and diversity learning and competition information sessions through the Junior Citizens Programme in West Cumbria, and the cost of Prizes for winning entries and exhibition of all entries at Beacon Museum from 1st -29th Oct 2017.
AWAZ Cumbria is a community development organisation. We have have been supporting most marginalised people and communities since 2005. We do this to make Cumbria a more welcoming and caring society by connecting communities and challenging prejudice.

We empower the voices of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people and communities in Cumbria by developing strong and vibrant communities, fully engaged in the decisions which affect their growth and development.

Our vision is to make Cumbria a place where:
1- Everyone is welcome to live, learn, work, visit and conduct business;
2- People respect and celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity and maintain their heritage;
3- All communities are working together to tackle discrimination and prejudice, and promote understanding.

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