Freedom Project - Improving Lives for Children and Young People

If you could give kids and young victims of domestic/ sexual abuse a safe space, support and quality time with their family, you would. With your votes we can help your neighbours, friends and community break the cycle of abuse through professional support and a safe space. Vote Freedom Project.

Two group sessions per week, one for younger children, one for young people for 36 weeks.
One-to-one counselling sessions, approximately 22 per week, as needed, for up 40 weeks.

The activities in the younger group will be play-based, building trust, getting them talking, allowing the counsellor to assess issues. The group for young people will be topic-based, focusing on issues identified by them as things that are upsetting them. Individual counselling will enable deeper work with children with significantly complex needs or whose behaviour makes them too difficult to work with in a group setting. Children will be supported by a mix of group work and individual counselling according to what works best for them. Counsellors will contribute to multi-agency approaches where appropriate e,g, when child is under a child protection order.
WCDVS; initially set up in 1997 to provide counselling & support to adult victims of domestic abuse in Allerdale & Copeland. Over the years, the scope of the service has been extended in response to needs identified by partner organisations. It now includes work with perpetrators, children & victims of sexual abuse. We provide practical and therapeutic support to the victims of abuse to help them recover from trauma & take control of their lives. We work with perpetrators to help them change their behaviours. We provide specialist support for children/young people who are the victims, witnesses or, even perpetrators of abuse. By taking a whole family approach we aim to break the cycle of abuse & to reduce its damaging consequences such as mental health, substance misuse and crime etc.

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