Healthy Hopes

Our weekly workshops cover a range of health and wellbeing topics to improve levels of emotional wellbeing, resilience and independence. We aim to encourage positive change and improve levels of mental stability so peace and happiness will follow.

Our range of workshops consists of: stress awareness, anxiety management, coping strategies, self esteem and confidence building, bereavement support, assertiveness training, goal setting, mental health issues, overcoming obstacles, motivation to change, self image, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and all aspects of positive person work.
We explore these topics in depth and encourage discussion which promotes self confidence and peer support.
The nature of our work focuses primarily on emotional wellbeing whether the person is experiencing mental health issues or is simply lonely due to social isolation.
The sessions will be delivered by two experienced workers who both have an extensive working background in community work and mental health. One worker is a qualified Registered Mental Health Nurse and holds a diploma in Stress Awareness/Management.
Healthy Hopes aim is to promote the Health and Wellbeing of local people.
We currently run weekly workshops for all adults in Allerdale and Copeland. Our work supports those who are socially isolated, unemployed, vulnerable, those suffering from mental health or physical health, those who have a limited education, lack self confidence/self esteem or have low aspirations.
We are committed to a person centred approach and deliver group sessions which provide a safe and confidential environment where the people attending can relax and take part in healthy living and feel good activities.
Healthy Hopes provides a range of Volunteering opportunities which helps to promote personal growth and self esteem. They gain professional experience which equips them for future employment.

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