MOVING FORWARD to employment

This project is to improve the employability of some of the most socially isolated people in the whole of Cumbria as well as brokering links with employers.
This will be done through mentoring, identifying and challenging barriers, and recognising educational needs that can be addressed, thus preparing individuals for a more productive life, moving forward.

This will be a very carefully designed programme for each individual which will tailor the activities to best suit the aims of said individual.
The programme will be carried out over a 12 week period with weekly sessions and mentoring as required.

Once these needs have been identified, the following will be carried out:

Identifying and challenging barriers to employment, both real and perceived by the individual.

Training on CV writing which will include how to approach sometimes difficult to approach disclosures.

Identifying educational needs and providing the training necessary.

A carefully planned personal development plan.

Interview techniques and practice.

Placing individuals on work placements suitable to their goals and aspirations.

Working with employers to provide a safe and productive source of candidates.

Full follow up support for both individuals well and employers.

CROPT was set up in 2009 to address the issues facing people who, through a change in circumstances, find themselves socially and economically isolated . The aim is to support individuals in improving their lives and thus improving the lives of people around them, therefore making communities safer and stronger.
The work we carry is based on mentoring individuals to equip them with the skills and values to lead a more productive and self reliant life.
This is carried out through carefully planned programmes of mentoring, work placement and education. We also work to educate communities in the needs and barriers facing such individuals.
CROPT prides itself on being non-judgemental and we also see the person rather than the circumstances in which they may find themselves.

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