Wigton Baths needs better showers

The shower system at Wigton Baths is old, inefficient and inadequate. Replacing the tank and almost doubling the number of available showers will provide a more pleasant experience for the increased numbers of people who now use the community pool.

We plan to install a new shower system for Wigton Baths. The current system provides warm water for the two shower heads in the ladies’ changing room, one in the changing room for the less able, and three in the men’s changing room. We aim to:
a. Install 11 new showerheads with associated pipe work and removal of existing pipe-work. These will replace the existing 6 showerheads.
b. Install a new calorifier to supply the showers
The Trust took over the running of the Wigton Baths in April 2015, when Cumbria County Council planned to close them. We were keen to preserve the much loved Edwardian pool, to maintain the facility in the area. Wigton Baths are the only community pool in North Allerdale, with 12 miles to Carlisle and 22 miles to Workington. In our first years we have devoted considerable time and resources in improvements and repairs to our Edwardian Building. Since April 2015 we have doubled the number of children learning to swim, more than doubled the available sessions, and attracted local schools back to the Baths. We are continually working to increase the scope and variety of sessions offered, so that all local people have the opportunity to keep fit and active through swimming.

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