Revamp The Solway Hall

We need your votes so that together we can "Revamp The Solway Hall". Many parts of the hall are tired and old and with your help we will refurbish the venue to make it more attractive for the local community. Rosehill Youth Theatre and many other local charities, groups, organisations, local businesses and the general public that are using The Solway Hall will all benefit.

The Solway Hall is situated in The Civic Hall in Whitehaven.

Rosehill Youth Theatre & The Solway Hall is ran by volunteers!

We rely on the local community using our facilities and fundraising to keep the venue open.

Over the last 18 months we have worked very hard to fundraise to re open The Solway Hall for the community, we now need this funding to complete the revamp!

Registered Charity Number: 1128826

With your support and votes we can "Revamp The Solway Hall"

We will revamp the reception area to provide a nice relaxed area with new seating and decoration for the local community to enjoy!

We will revamp the toilets to bring them into the 21st century, the current toilets have never been modernised since the 1980's!

We will bring the room back to life in The Solway Hall with new curtains! We currently have very old, worn and torn red curtains.

We will revamp The Ennerdale Suite to make the room more inviting for the whole community.

RYT is a local theatre company for young people in West Cumbria which was founded in 1983. RYT aim to help children through performing arts and to help children from all backgrounds, helping to raise confidence and self esteem through, singing, dancing and acting. RYT moved into The Solway Hall in June 2015. It is an amazing venue, seating up to 400 people with a full operating lighting and sound system with a large stage and dressing rooms. RYT run the hall on behalf of the local community, a venue for everyone to use.

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