Save Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike is England's highest - and most iconic - mountain, but it is becoming badly eroded. Vote for us and we will carry out vital repair work, helping to preserve this beautiful Lake District landscape for everyone.

Do you love the Lake District? Do you enjoy walking or simply gazing at Cumbria's stunning mountain landscape? Then VOTE for us and help us protect the timeless beauty of Lakeland's highest peak - Scafell Pike. The 978-metre summit is much-loved by locals and tourists alike. But sadly the pounding of thousands of pairs of hiking boots every year has eroded the mountain, leaving behind ugly scars and deep gullies. It is in dire need of repair.

VOTE for us and we will use an £8,000 grant to carry out vital repair work to the Brown Tongue path to the summit of Scafell Pike. We will transport stone materials to the site by helicopter (the only way to do it, due to the remote location) and then rebuild the path, fix drains and re-landscape erosion. Please give us your support and help 'Save Scafell Pike'.
At Nurture Lakeland we inspire people to care for and contribute to the natural environment of the Lake District and Cumbria. Since our formation in 1994 we have supported hundreds of conservation projects and we have raised over £2.5 million. We fund environmental projects that enhance and protect our landscapes for residents and visitors to enjoy. A key project that we support is Fix the Fells, which aims to protect our spectacular Lakeland fells from erosion by maintaining and repairing upland paths.

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