Safety Net - keeping young people safe and improving their wellbeing

Half of all young people report emotional abuse, a third sexual violence, much of this abuse is through social media. Vote for us to pilot work with pupils and staff at Whitehaven Academy to understand and tackle these issues by training, educating, promoting awareness; providing advice, information, support, and counselling.

Emma was 15 when her boyfriend shared an intimate picture on Instagram, she was devastated. She stopped going to school, she coped by cutting the tops of her arms and legs, she had thoughts of suicide and didn’t know what to do or who to talk to. Emma is not alone, the statistics on abuse through messaging (sexting) or social networking sites are staggering, it affects around 50-70% of young people. Emma is doing her GCSE's this year, she has friends and can smile again.

Safety Net works with many young people like Emma to build confidence, self-esteem, work on coping strategies, self-care and to strengthen relationships.

Vote for Safety Net so that we can tackle these issues and support young people affected by sexual abuse and domestic violence. We will;

• provide training and education and promote awareness around sexual and domestic abuse to enable teachers and pupils to identify warning signs, know what to do and how to help?
• develop peer mentoring so pupils know how to support each other.
• be on site to provide information & advice through our drop in service.
• support staff and counsellors will provide tailored 1:1 support sessions to improve wellbeing and emotional resilience.
• work in partnership with teachers and partner agencies to make sure young people feel safe, stay safe and feel included.
• roll out the project countywide
• #bemysafetynet
Safety Net (UK) supports the recovery of those affected by rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence in North and West Cumbria. Our specialist integrated support team and trauma informed therapists aim to improve wellbeing and emotional resilience by reducing the symptoms of trauma, improving self-care and coping strategies, strengthening relationships and encouraging social engagement. We work in partnership with other professionals to provide wrap around services that maximize safety and reduce risk.
We can also help with practical issues that support recovery including family support, criminal justice and family court proceedings, employment, training, education, housing and finance.

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