Seascale Community Beach Park

Between the mountains and the sea lays a land of play a place of imagination, adventure, fun and freedom….We want to give the community a wonderful space to play, sit, talk, walk, learn and enjoy. A legacy for visitors and residents alike, for all ages and all abilities.

We need the funding to fulfil the total amount needed to buy the play equipment for the beach park, a beautiful bespoke design that will complement the surrounding area and create a fantastic community space
We want not just to create a play park but a play environment where landscaping and landforms provide and imaginative and exciting play world. We are working closely with the local school to create an "outdoor classroom" area to be used alongside their Beach School Status as an important educational resource. We also wish to increase and enhance the quality of tourist visits to the village of Seascale and thus assist the economic support of small businesses in the area.
This money will be sufficient to start building and and developing the community space this summer. We will be able to proceed with ordering our bespoke equipment and preparing and landscaping the area.
In recent months the existing equipment has fallen further into disrepair and needs removing, the project is now gathering in urgency as we don’t want the community to be without such a central and well used asset during the summer months. The existing equipment was originally made 30 years ago by apprentices at BNFL and it would be wonderful that through Community Choices we can reinforce the continued help and support by Sellafield . The Beach Park Project will mean another 30 years of seaside visits, sandy picnics and happy days out for all the family, we live in a beautiful place - lets make it even better.
The Beach Park Project is a collaboration of people in the village of Seascale aiming to rejuvenate and reinvent the beach front as a community asset welcoming to everyone wherever they come from whatever their age to play sit and enjoy the seaside.
As a registered charity the group has been fund raising since December 2015, after our existing seafront play facilities fell into disrepair. Fronted by a committee comprising of proactive parents and passionate Seascale residents who want to see the realisation of big dreams and the fruition of a unique, ambitious and adventurous project with a long term legacy for Seascale and surrounding communities.

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Voting is now closed!