Seascale Community Fitness Centre development.

Help us and we'll help you get a better life style.
Developing our facilities at Seascale through improving access and increasing capacity will allow us to offer a wider range of activities to all users, including those with mobility issues and GP referred individuals.
A vote for us will help us to continue our aim to promote the health and well being of all in the surrounding community.

The overall scheme has four phases in support of the development, the first three are included as part of this grant application. The fourth phase is currently a longer term aspirational goal of the organisation. Completion of phases 1-3 are included as part of this submission.
Phase 1: remodelling of the access to the facility to provide a disabled access ramp and new entrance from the car-park. Details are provided in the drawing supporting this application. Access for those with walking disabilities, visual impairments or who use wheel chairs are currently outside the current disable access regulations. Anticipated cost £17k +VAT
Phase 2: reducing the current social club lounge footprint through the construction of partition walls and hence provide floor space for the expansion of the Fitness facility thus allowing more activities to be delivered in an appropriate environment. Such has been the success of the facility that some exercise activities and classes are run in other parts of the facility e.g. Function room. The lounge area will be refreshed as part of installing the new partition. Details of the revised arrangements are provided in the attached drawing package, estimated cost is £26k +VAT.
Phase 3: construction of new toilet facilities for male, female and disabled users of the complex both Fitness facility and social/community club. The existing facilities are located in an aged wing of the complex and do not comply with current modern requirement. Completion of this work is also an enabler to Phase 4. Refurbishment has been considered but dismissed due to the condition of the building fabric. Details are provided in the attached drawing package, Architects estimated cost £55k +VAT.
The total estimated cost of Phase 1-3 is £98k which is exclusive of VAT.
Phase 4: Demolition of the current Games Room wing (a 1960’s prefabricated modular building beyond its design life) and its potential replacement with a modular facility of a similar size. Completion of Phase 3 is a precursor to commencing this work scope. Funding for Phase 4 will be significant and is not a priority at present. The activities currently undertaken in this part of the facility will be accommodated in other areas of the complex.
Design for the above has been completed by a local architect who has prepared and obtained planning approval for the works.
Project management will be undertaken by members of the SASRA Executive who live local to Seascale, this will also minimise costs.
SASRA Ltd., a not for profit organisation (est 2010) the successor to the Sellafield Area Sports and Recreation Association and has been an integral part of the West Cumbrian community since the 1950's.
Now open to all , its extensive facilities in Egremont and Seascale provide fitness, recreational, medical rehabilitation and social activities for all age groups.
SASRA aims to provide opportunities for individuals to participate in activities within a safe and welcoming environment through its numerous sections, clubs and teams managed by a group of enthusiastic staff and volunteers.
Operating a policy of continual improvement it seeks to grow and adapt its facilities and range of activities, meeting the demand of the community for the benefit of all.

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